Hurricane Harvey vs. Houston

Jonathan Giles September 2, 2017 Gardening

It wasn’t a fair fight. 24 trillion gallons of water does not fit into 627 square miles of Texas landscape.  I have read and have heard several discussions concerning the ability of the Houston area to absorb the water dumped on the area during the days hurricane Harvey hovered over Houston and was curious, how… continue reading »

Technical training bootcamp – right way to go?

Jonathan Giles February 19, 2017 Connecting, Web Development Tags: , ,

Having completed a couple technical bootcamp training courses covering dozens and dozens of topics with the end goal of creating a usable website I was looking back to see if it was time well spent.  Having been a CIO, VP of IT, Technical Manager, Consulting Manager, Project Manager, and programmer I had certain level of… continue reading »

Top 5 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need to Use Social Media

Jonathan Giles February 7, 2017 Connecting

Non-Profits are always looking for ways to get people involved, Social Media Marketing goes beyond direct marketing, leveraging the emotional connection their followers possess into a form easily used (smartphones, tablets,etc.) into an actionable event.  The communication barrier and the costs associated with connecting to the people wanting to make a difference has been slashed and… continue reading »