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My professional career includes technical positions around the world in varied industries. Cabinet Manufacturing, Stone Fabrication and Installation, Oil and Gas, Gaming, Manufacturing, Logistics, Commodities Trading. Decision makers always have the need for the latest information, the SYS411. In the oil field the pipe and material inventory was critical. Financial Information always needs to be protected and available 24-7. Always. The relevant information is required in its many forms and locations. A traditional resume or CV is available or look around and see what I can do for you.

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Providing Value to Your Business

Technical expertise is only part of the value proposition when implementing and maintaining quality systems. The technology must integrate seamlessly with the business culture to be fully adopted.

Technical Experience

• During he COVID-19 pandemic team of 5 provided technical support for 400+ employees working in a hybrid environment supporting a essential manufacturing business operating in multi-states
• Provide technical support (project planning / sales / support) to hardware and software managers and sales representatives in a rapid-paced consulting and software development environment
• Highly competent project manager
• 24/7 experience linking numerous coast to coast and international operations
• Developed, enhanced and modified various systems including inventory identification, tracking and usage, and fixed asset tracking, oil field analysis.
• Transitioned corporate mainframe terminals to an integrated AS/400 WAN/LAN PC topology.
• Continual technical skills improvement. Created this site from scratch.

Business Experience

• With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic provided management with a corporate action plan to transition employees off-site and keep operations running
• Successfully handled a difficult contract situation with the Software Alliance (BSA) demanding a self-audit
• In addition to lead IT duties, assumed responsibility for management and leadership of the Production Scheduling, Procurement, Quote Estimating, and Materials Management functions
• Extensive customer relationship building and problem solving exposures
• Merchant industry representative to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) evaluating the workflow of the newly created Central Cotton Redemption program
• US operations representative on the joint Paul Reinhart AG, Paul Reinhart Inc., Reinhart Information and Communication Concept (RICC) committee to develop a worldwide intranet/extranet

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Does your enterprise utilize any of these technologies? I can help if you do!

Citrix   VMWare   Azure   Active Directory   AS400, i-Series   Barracuda   Avatax Cisco IOS/ADSM    Cognos

Crystal Reports    eSignal FutureSource   IBM DB/400   M1 ERP  Microsoft Exchange  Microsoft Server

Microsoft SQL   Microsoft SharePoint   Microsoft Dynamics SL  VoIP Communications  Python GIT

Javascript  WPEngine  WordPress  Node.js  Express  bootstrap  CSS  HTML5  MariaDB  MongoDB

Mongoose  JQuery  JSON  Bootstrap  JQuery  AS/SET  BPCS

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Software Development

Early in my career commercial of the shelf (COTS) software often lacked the features business desired.  Worse yet proprietary, closed designs restricted updating systems to meet business needs.  Home grown software reduced the problem but added expense.  A lot of expense.  Experience evaluating business requirements and utilizing a hybrid COTS-In-house development can provide the highest ROI.

Wide variety of eco-systems

Rapid Startup of New Initiatives

PM Over the Duration of the Initiative

Management of development groups

Hands-on coding and design

Experienced designing for mobile devices

Content Management System Project

I have been responsible for several ecommerce sites using Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify and 3DCart with emphasis on product sales and I had a desire to add a CMS focused site. Here it is. This site was developed with WordPress and BootStrap as the framework to continue my work with HTML, javascript, and CSS.

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Usable Modern Design

Maintenance of systems eats the budget.  Flexible design allows a site to grow with the needs of the business.  Client controlled moving, updating and replacing sections is powerful.

Quality HTML5 & CSS3

Developing this site requires continual process improvement moving static controls and content embedded in HTML5 and CSS3 code to easily accessible client areas.

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Easy-to-use CMS

Using the theme design for this site as a template I have created a dynamic commercial site allowing the client to easily update content using WordPress.

Jonathan Giles

Jonathan Giles has been living and working in Dallas-Fort Worth since 1990. He has over 35 years experience in the field of information technology and has a diverse background in both government and corporate settings in the United States and overseas. At Allied Stone, Inc. Giles oversees the information technogies department, governance of the systems, and vendor relations.

Previously, Giles served as the Vice President of Information Technology for May Group International a digital marketing developer and manufacturer of specialized indoor LED signs. He served as a technical customer representative to the ECi Software Solutions M1 ERP development customer advisory board. He was responsible for the support of enterprise application, enterprise data, research support, user support, infrastructure, communications, e-commerce and content management websites, and information security.

Prior to May Group, Giles served as the Vice President of Information Technology for Paul Reinhart, Inc. Family-owned Paul Reinhart AG combined with US-based subsidiary, Paul Reinhart Inc. was one of the world’s biggest cotton merchants. Giles had direct IT management responsibility for the US based operations which consisted of the US trading house in Dallas, the Pima traders in California, the California Pima Cotton Gin, a 180,000 bale warehouse in Arkansas, and the Australian trading house in Toowoomba, Queensland. Additionally, in a matrixed reporting environment, Giles provided technical expertise to the parent company in Winterthur, Switzerland. Giles fulfilled the role of merchant industry representative to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) evaluating the testing the workflow of the newly created electronic Central Cotton Redemption program. Giles is a member of the Western Cotton Shippers Association Data System Committee and the American Cotton Shippers Association Data Systems & Information Development Committee.

Prior to Paul Reinhart, Inc., Giles spent 15 years in the US and Germany working for both government and commercial businesses in a variety of IT roles. Giles has bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Wyoming.

What People Are Saying About Jon!

Jon was my manager fairly early in my career. He was a strong leader and provided a wonderful example. He was great to work for and provided a valuable mentoring. I would highly recommend Jon for any IT leadership position.

— Patrick L. Benoit, Accomplished IT Executive

Jon is an outstanding individual I have known for over 20 years. Jon and I were the Consulting Managers responsible for software development, sales support, customer support, help desk management, and consultant supervision and development for DCS Software and Service, Inc. in North Texas. Three years running DCS was ranked in the top 500, Inc. 5000 fastest growing privately owned companies. Effectively managing the fast growth of the company required Jon’s technical skills in Project Management, Service Management, System Governance, IBM Midrange Systems (AS/400, i-Series), LAN WAN implantation, Programming, CASE Tools, and desktop systems. Jointly managing a fast paced consulting office required a partnership based on respect and communication, I could always depend on Jon’s best effort.

— Richard Shealy, IT Professional – retired

As a member of my team Jon was responsible for providing systems which support the business initiatives developed by the team. On one occasion an especially profitable opportunity would require the immediate establishment of a new but separate system to leverage our expertise in marketing cotton for a cotton co-op. Almost immediately, I had a no-cost solution in hand and we landed the business. These and other actions by Jon were instrumental in Paul Reinhart becoming the fourth largest cotton merchant in the world. I highly recommend Jon to any company desiring a dedicated information officer possessing technical expertise, international management experience, and the ability to work on an executive level.

October 12, 2009, Dale managed Jonathan at Paul Reinhart, Inc.

— Dale Grounds, CFO at Lynx Operating Co., Inc.

Jon is such a versatile asset to an organization. He was the best Manager I worked with at May Advertising. He reached out far beyond the IT group and was very effective getting results.

March 9, 2012, Jim worked directly with Jonathan at May Group International

— Jim Taubert, Chief Financial Officer at T.G. Mercer Consulting Services INC.

Jon is an outstanding individual. A true leader in every sense of the word; he has the ability to create, manage, motivate, and encourage high performing teams. Jon provides transparent computer and software support for all of our facilities in an outstanding proficient and professional manner. In the time I know him I never experienced a single break in service, which in our environment is saying something. He is always available to answer simple questions or fix the toughest connectivity issues. He is also was devoted to the well-being of his personnel and peers. It is an honor and privilege to work alongside such talent.

— Alexandra Mazzi – Director of Marketing Allied Stone, Inc.

Working with Jon at Allied Stone, he was very helpful with each one of my requests. Every time I need technical support, he would provide me with real-time and immediate aid. He is someone I think of as a team player and can work well with different groups. He would be such a good asset on any team and I would recommend him for any place with a team setting.

— Pete Pham – Procurement Specialist at CBRE

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